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The Fatherhood of God
The Brotherhood of Man
The continuous existence of the human soul
Personal responsibility
Eternal progress open to every human soul

Mansfield Spiritualist Centre -   

Assures you of a warm and friendly welcome whenever you visit. Situated on the corner of Dallas Street in Mansfield, the building has seen many upgrades and transformations to it's appearance both inside and out since it's founding upon this site in the 1920's. The building originally stood on a site in Manchester, it's timber frame clad with corrugated metal sheeting for it's external walls, wooden pews, balustraded high rostrum and heated by a cast iron pot bellied stove in the centre of the church.  It remained this way when it was moved to Mansfield and reassembled on the site upon which it stands to this day.

Mansfield Spiritualist Centre offers a wide variety of public services including Spiritual Healing, along with demonstrations and workshops. The centre is just a few minutes walk from Mansfield Railway Station and Bus Station. Parking around the centre is restricted to permit holders only, however there is ample parking just a few yards away on Peacock Street.








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